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Jade Nephrite


Jade Nephrite

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Jade is a cleansing stone helping the bodies filtration and elimination organs. This stone supports the healing of hip and kidney problems. Jade brings out your innate healing abilities. It is a gentle healer that boosts your body's self healing powers. It helps to resolve emotional or spiritual problems that may be lowering physical resistance. It is effective against lung, eye, bladder and kidney problems, fluid retention and blood-sugar imbalances. It helps to relieve arthritis and bone, joint pain or stiffness, especially of the hips.

Green Jade is generally strengthening to the energy systems, but there are distinct differences in the physical effects of Nephrite and Jadeite. Green Nephrite Jade is a powerful physical heart healer. It also helps strengthen and soothe the nervous system. Green Jadeite offers support in detoxification and in the regeneration of the tissues after trauma or surgery.